A sample/extracts from some of the kind and interesting messages sent to Rupert ...

V Young: I LOOOOOOOVE Stevie Nicks album the Other Side of the Mirror. Was now playing it and read that you've produced it. Wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the Music. It's timeless.

C Jones: Rupert's recordings are always extremely precise, even when they are 'loose'. They are built like an well-constructed edifice - nothing is out of place.

D Boruch: Thank you!

C de Buck: Pick Up A Bone!

R Noren: Love your music, my first album ever was "Wildest Wish to Fly".

K McCammond: I love your work. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

S Elander: Thank you for being a part of the backdrop of my life!

J Mentzer: I happened across your music...but I didn't take one step past it before I was hooked! I own Immunity, Waving not Drowing, and Wildest Wish to Fly, and they are three of my all time favorites!
...the name Rupert Hine is connected to more than a few of my other favorite albums!...it shows...and those albums are arguably their best! ...I guess I just wanted to say thanks, and I think your work as an artist and producer is brilliant! You mighty be the coolest guy ever! And don't worry, there are still some of us out there who believe in supporting good music the right way, by buying music!

L Krisch:  just an old kid from Germany who loved the track "Best adventures"...

Edward S: ...so i just discovered the album Pick up a bone... it sounds like it was recorded last year, in stead of 1971! well done!

J Van Oss: I literally just discovered your music I love it! Thanks for your talents!

E Rasmussen: I have listened to your music since the early eighties now - and I come back to the Wildest Wish album once or twice a year. It's the best in your discography - espescially the title song.

S Edwards: 3 albums that have resonated since my youth - still helping me to strain for the echoes of my past. To a time when it was a golden age - where the only wish I had was to fly...It is the strangest feeling that something that I did not create - or had any hope of being able to create, has provided a mooring for an outsider like me to connect, to some degree, with the real world. Still Waving...

A Williams: I f ind your words and your music to be a constant source of inspiration, especially such songs as "The Set Up," "Picture Phone" and "Misplaced Love." It's still hard to find thoughtful, intelligent music around...I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having stimulated--and continuing to stimulate--my thought processes.

F Pidgeon: First I want to say what an amazing musical talent you are. In particular your song Arrested by You is one of the most amazing and mesmerizing songs/melodies I have ever heard...in my top 10 of all time favourite songs...thanks so much for sharing your talent with the world so that we may experience the love, joy and emotions that music brings to our lives!

B Sellow: I am a huge fan of your work.

S Firth: I've been a fan of Rupert's work since my sixth-form schooldays (the early 70s)...he's played an important role in British music over five decades.

C Paulson: I grew up on a lot of the music you've produced and performed. My most favorites being Saga - Worlds Apart, The Fixx - Shuttered Room and your solo album Immunity. Worlds Apart was played by my family daily for a year in 1982-83 and holds many fond memories from my childhood in Los Angeles. I still play it often and sharing your work with my family now. 
I Hang On To My Vertigo is my favorite of your solo tracks. I find it to be experimental, atmospheric and catchy all at once (and the part at 1:05...wow!)...Thank you for your incredible artistry. Your music and productions have been the soundtrack for many people's lives.

D Reuter:  my first experience with Rupert's music was "Immunity" that I bought as a vinyl album some weeks after its release back in the early 80s. I was surprised then to find his name on albums of bands I liked at that time (and still do)...I even realized that I knew his music before I came to know "Immunity", as I always liked Quantam Jump´s "Lone Ranger" and even more the "Barracuda" album.

S Inge: I gotta mention my strongest musical experience when listening to your music though. We're talking Thinkman and The Formula...

K Morrell: I am such agreat fan of him & his music still and I only can hope that some day he will decide to release new music...

P Horton: I grew up listening to radfio station CFNY during the spirit of radio days & ruperts songs were played often & the thinkman - the formula number featured Lisa Dalbello wow what A TRACK !Tell Rupert I can only offer my thanks for all his creative talent !  The world would be a darkened void with out him.

A Schiborr: It was 1982 where I first listened at my parents home your immunity and waving not drowning album on vinyl. Especially the Waving not Drowning Album effects still a lot of emotions in me...in my opinion this one was one of your really master works...As I am very interested in your music in general, I just want to say that I adore that milestone and you as an artist very much...

A Savoy: A few years ago I visited Tamboo, but this is something new and interesting ! I wanted to ask if Mr. Hine is planning on any new solo projects or any upcoming albums as a producer? Regards from England, India and Bulgarian fans !

C Garcia: I'm sure you've heard this complement many times over the years but I wanted to thank you for the song: "Arrested By You". It truly is a beautiful song that meant a lot to me in high school and still continues to bring smiles these many years later. Thanks!

W Webster: ...one of my musical heroes and I adore the album Waving not Drowning which i still play today...

A Patel: Loving this soundtrack (better off dead).

Roy: Well for many it was the albums you produced for others, but for me it was always about your own self-artist albums. Hearing you sing was surely one of those forces that inspired me to become an accomplished musician myself....listening to wildest wish to fly on an original cassette played over and over till the walkman battery died...Well, thank you for this big legacy!

S Adamson: I'm just playing Immunity to my daughters - 8 year olds - and we've got to Make A Wish. I'm playing them the 2001 version and it's not having the same effect as the 1981 version...Thanks for all the wonderful music over the years :)

M Bezzeg: Love your work have listened to everything you have done for decades.

Ken P: Just discovered The Fixx "Walkabout" after so many years. WOW what an amazing album. Superb mixing, vocal tracks, Jamie's guitar...everything. How did I miss this before?

H Buchanan: It amazed me how much you have done, with whom and are still doing it. Love your stuff :)

C Edholm: A few words about Waving not Drowning /The Wildest wish to fly.
I remember way back in the early 80s, at the age of 13 these two albums opened up a new world for me.
...sampled sounds of nature mixed with synthesizer-landscapes and piano, drum-machines mixed with real drums, topped with edgy lyrics writing...must be the most underrated albums of the 80s...So now over 30 years since I last heard your music I once again “accidently” run in to these two albums. And to my surprise, they still sound fantastic!!! If they had been released today I think my reaction would have been the same, like: Heeeey…..what is that sound?…..who is this guy?!!

L Gobbi: ...I hear something and say " Wow... that is a fantastic recording! Who produced that?" You have been one of those, for me particularly on albums you worked on with Duncan, The Fixx, Howard Jones and of course Ant*! "Wise After the Event" remains one of those gems!                                                             *Anthony Phillips

M Steinwagner: The Formula - a piece of music I listen every day to. Ok. Almost every day. :-)
Now honestly: This song is with me since a long time. Just wanted to let you know that it gave me a lot of inspiration, still gives...

M Hennessy: He is one of my favourite musicians...Thank you.

R Sigtermans: I came across an album called 'Avatar worlds' by a band called 'Spirit'. To my surprise this turned out to be, for the greater part, a copy of one of your projects called 'One world, one voice'... it's stunning how many of your productions we have here: thanks!

D Nahmod: just thought I'd reach out and say hello -- I applaud not only your success in the music industry, but your philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. 

C Juul: My teenage years were spent tracking down his singles and albums. Every person I let listen to him loved him. The Better Off Dead soundtrack and the first Thinkman albums were both my senior year high school anthems. Never was I more happy than one day around 1994 hen a friend of mine returned from Italy with the 'Waving, Not Drowning', 'Immunity' , 'Hard Hat Zone', 'Life Is A Fulltime Occupation' and 'Unfinished Picture' CD's. After "The Deep End", nothing more?

B Hilt: I absolutely love you, man!...The first time I ever heard of you was seeing your name on the Milla Jovovich "Divine Comedy" CD. Being well-educated musically, I immediately knew that you had everything to do with that record being one of my favorite records of any era. I became immediately a fan of yours, and since have purchased everything bearing your name. I should have done this years ago, but I'm doing so now. I'm writing to tell you that my admiration and respect of you and your exhilarating musical mind is so great that it is consuming from time to time...I adore you, sir, and consider you a rare and priceless treasure of this little blue sphere speeding through time and space.

C Zoerb: Arrested by You...Great song...













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